Startup Submissions

World first: batteryless LoRa sensor for smart applications – ARVENI

Arveni is now for 10 years technical leader in mechanical energy harvesting.

Since 2014, Arveni has turned from high tech design office to design & manufacturer. By now, Arveni has sold 5 000 batteryless connected devices for smart building applications (ie batteryless wireless wallswitches, using SimpliciTI wireless protocol).

Now Arveni is expanding its offer with an INNOVATIVE alarm & monitoring system for buildings and industrial assets. This end-to-end service is built up around our batteryless LoRa-WAN door/window sensor, and a cloud plateform.
Our batteryless IOT design, can be embedded in many IOT applications for smart city (vehicle sensing, parking management, public lighting management) & smart industry or M2M.

Download (PDF, 2.55MB)